Does This Feel Familiar?

  • Wanting to make a change but don't know where to start

  • Wishing you were more comfortable in your own skin

  • Feelings of jealousy or frustration when comparing yourself to other women

  • Keep finding yourself in the same old "rut"

  • You often feel unsupported and/or alone

  • Wishing for more peace in your life

  • Don't have anyone that you can be completely open and honest with


I Can Relate!

I used to feel all of those things!

I had everything that society tells women they are supposed to have in order to be "happy", but I still felt something was missing. I was married with three kids, I had a great job, the house and even what I considered a great outlook on life...but it wasn't until my marriage ended and I started putting myself first that I realized how truly unhappy I was. 

I want to share my story so that other women can learn how to make positive changes in their lives. I want to generate healthy relationships and aid in the building of confident women in hopes of creating a more supportive and accepting future.


"Cate has been vital to my confidence and independence as a woman and single mother. Her suggestions, support, abilities, and motivation have been so important to my self-care. Her ideas and talents are like gold and if I could only have one tool to help me navigate through this crazy thing we call life as a woman, it would be Cate!"

Brittany A.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

We all know that genuine happiness is more than skin deep ... we can't just have a spa day with the girls and fix all the things, right?

But I do believe that happiness can only be made possible by yours truly...and if you aren't feeling great about you, you won't be feeling great about much else. 

Let's start there and see what comes next. I build each one of my relationships with my clients based on their individual needs. Our first 'meet' is always complimentary! What do you have to lose?


You have control of YOU -- let's see where we can go!