"Working with Cate is like finding someone with a super power to make you your most amazing self. Being more of a tomboy, I never knew or understood a lot about fashion, beauty - hell, even self worth. It’s nothing short of amazing how she can review my wants, scan a room, and put together the perfect anything! Her knowledge, expertise, and vibe has been life-altering for me and now my confidence and class is higher than ever."

Tiffany D.

Does This Feel Familiar?

  • Wishing you were more comfortable in your own skin

  • Feelings of jealousy or frustration when comparing yourself to other women

  • You often feel unsupported and/or alone

  • Wishing for more peace in your life

  • The feeling of surviving and not thriving

  • You just can't quite figure out where to start to make it better


I Can Relate!

I used to feel all of those things!

I had everything society tells woman they are supposed to have in order to be "happy", but I still felt miserable. I was married with three kids, I had the job, the house and even what I considered a positive outlook...but I was always second guessing everything.

It wasn't until my marriage ended that I started putting myself first and really living a life that I wanted to live. I realized I could have been this real and true version of myself all along had I just given myself 'permission'. When you have the confidence to live an authentic have everything at your fingertips.


So What Are You Waiting For?

We all know that genuine happiness is more than skin deep, we can't just throw some beautiful clothes on you and make all the stuff go away. BUT I do believe that by having a little extra confidence on the outside, it allows us to believe that we can change what's on the inside. Let me help get you looking your best so that you can work on feeling your best!


You have control of YOU, let's see where we can go!




Ann Arbor, MI

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