60-day life styling

Includes the 4-week Concierge package, plus an additional 4 weeks of support -- for a total of eight 1:1 sessions

Monday - Friday support available

Personal Shopper perks

Every session includes custom confidence and mindset coaching, in addition to a tailored plan to fit your individual needs and goals.

New launching price for $3,250! Soon priced at $3,750.

Week 5: Your Health

Week 6: Your Goals

Week 7: Your Plan

Week 8: Your Calm

*Any of our A la Carte options are a great addition to the premium packages and can be redeemed at any time

Any additional appointments or purchases during your program are assumed to be your financial responsibility.

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Week 5: Your Health

We all know that exercise and eating healthy is one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves. This week, we take a look at your habits and make realistic adjustments as wanted/needed.

Maybe you've been talking about trying a new spinning class but have been worried about going alone... Let's do it together!

Let's break through any pre-existing fears you may have and get you on the right path to your healthiest you!

Week 6: Your Goals

How can you know what you are supposed to be doing if you aren't exactly sure where you are headed?

Women often get so caught up taking care of everyone else that they lose focus on their own dreams and wants out of life. Let's discover what they are for you! Maybe you already know. Maybe you haven't ever thought about it. Either way, we are here to support you in the moves it takes to set and meet all the goals in your life.

Week 7: Your Plan

Now that we know where we are headed, how are we going to maintain course? This week, we come up with ways to keep you accountable for your goals. We will be evaluating the nitty-gritty here, do not fear!

Plan week is often where you get the most growth. As we all know, it always comes when you put in the most hard work. Living your best life requires a level of discipline you may be unfamiliar with, but hey that's why we're here, right? We have your back every step of the way!

Week 8: Your Calm

You should be proud of yourself for taking such a big step forward in your self-care. Let's discover the best ways to tie it all together and keep you in a state of peace and positivity.

Calmness is contagious and when we are free to live a life of joy and not feel shame for it, we allow those around us to feel comfortable to do the same.

We want you to feel like you can maintain this lifestyle and know that we are here as long as you need us, but this is where we offer ideas so you can maintain on your own.




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