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A Year To Remember. My Recap on 2019

We can start off by saying that 2019 was easily one of those monumental years for me. Like the year you become a mother or the first year you move away after high school. I might even be able to say that this was bigger. I feel like I kind of got a running head start since I had already been in ‘healing’ mode for a few months by the time January 1st came around, but the outcome was the same.

I spent New Years with my closest friends and family, in a fancy dress, dancing and drinking champagne. Those are all some of my favorite things…so right from the minute 1 we were off to a good start. I was very intentional about my visions for 2019; the main thing was to travel and check things off my bucket list. To continue and strive to be the best mom for the kids and to make more money than I did in 2018. I wanted to learn to show gratefulness daily and to love myself enough that I no longer needed to fight the urge to find love in someone else. To live in the moment; more day to day and not get so caught up in future plans and that anxiety ends up overriding any chance of happiness right In the right now. And guess what? I freaking did it, plus so many other incredible things I didn’t even think I was going to do! I did all of it! It wasn’t always easy, in fact it was a lot of work and support and a hell of a lot of accountability to myself but it was so worth it.

  • I went to Chicago to see Hamilton with my best girlfriend Maggie (and then I got to see it again with Peyton)

  • I fell in love with trying new foods, I mean I even tried oysters!

  • I became a runner and worked out consistently all year long

  • I learned how to establish and respect boundaries with people I love

  • I took the kids to Disney

  • I went to Detroit Tiger’s Opening Day

  • I finalized my divorce and got to keep my ex husband as a friend

  • I took my first solo trip…to Miami. 2 things off my list!

  • I learned how much dating apps suck but still met some great people

  • I rode scooters!! Guys, you have to do this!

  • I ran a 5k with Peyton

  • I added at least a dozen books to my home library

  • I took Peyton to San Francisco for her birthday

  • I felt loved on my birthday for the first time in a really long time

  • I went skydiving!! For real, jumped out of an airplane at 18,000 ft!

  • I took Avery to Chicago for her birthday

  • I learned how to enjoy eating out alone

  • The kids and I have never been closer

  • I crashed a bachelorette party in Nashville and gained 2 more sisters for life

  • I started riding roller coasters again

  • I went on the best date I think maybe anyone has ever been on…ever

  • I started writing again

  • The kids started a new school that they absolutely love

  • I hired a life coach

  • I got over my fear of weddings

  • I fell in love with Vegas!

  • I ran the Detroit International 1/2 Marathon…that’s 13.1 miles in case you were wondering

  • I took Jax all over Texas for his birthday

  • We went ziplining together for the first time

  • I went to Puerto Rico

After all that, how do you not love yourself? How do you not believe that you can do anything? When all of those things happened in just 1 year? When you made them happen. You didn’t just take a backseat to life waiting for cards to fall where they may. You made choices and decisions good or bad and ran with it. It was a wild ride for sure. There were a couple moments where I wondered if I was taking on too much, but deep down I knew I hadn't. I want to live this amazing fabulous life with my babies. I want to travel all over and do all the things that I want to do on a whim just because we want to do them. I know sometimes people think I may have lost my mind but I just laugh and keep going. 2020 is going to be even better than 2019…just you watch and see! I’m just getting started. be free xoxo Cate

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