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Don't Worry About Your Pace, Forward Is Forward

I got goose bumps typing that just now and it brought tears to my eyes when Emily pointed it out to me during the race this morning. It was on a sign someone was holding up, somewhere along the sidelines of the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon that we ran earlier today. It was totally fitting then as we were going through our last mile of the race, but it applies to so much more in life than just running.

Forward is forward right…in all aspects of life. We are given what we are given and then we make choices with how we are going to move forward in the future. Sometimes we repeat the same scenario over and over. Sometimes we even do things worse than what we were doing with them before. But every once in a while…when you are really paying attention and incredibly intentional, life has the potential to go exactly how you want it to.

I never would have thought a year ago that I would have been able to run a half marathon. For real, at that point I would joke about how if I was running, you should be running too because there must be something bad. It wasn’t until Thanksgiving that I started this running thing and even then…shiiiit….lol I didn’t know I could make it a mile without stopping, let alone 13.1 of them.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, and I’m sure that if you think about it there have been times that you’ve doubted yourself and came out on top too! Somewhere along the line you changed your mind, your decided that you really could do that diet or you were more excited than afraid of buying the house of your dreams. It’s like when you go to a baby shower and you REALLY don’t want to play games and then all of a sudden you find yourself actually enjoying yourself. At some point, you found your competitive edge and you walk out the proud owner of a country apple candle from Bath and Body Works!! Pshhh, Aunt Betty never stood a chance <insert eyeroll here>.

Running for me started as a place to get my mind clear. It was a place to be alone and listen to music, really loudly and then the perk was that If I toughed it out, I felt like a damn beast after. So then it went from something that was clearing a negative, to gaining all the positive. I was working through my brokenness and gaining this whole new sense of accomplishment….and I just kept going.

Believe in your dreams and desires. Believe in yourself. Just move forward, it really doesn’t matter how fast or how slow or how many times you have to pause and stretch just as long as you don’t stop. It’s so worth it, I promise. be unstoppable xo Cate

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