• Cate Cable

F%*king Holidays

We have this thing at work where were say “happy holidays” in the really drawn out, low voice, almost sung kind of way. Basically it means ‘F this shit’ but we kind of use it all year long. For us it’s because of the high demands of clients around the holidays and the insane amount of stress that can take over the salon in moments. For me I’ve realized just how much of my regular life is like that around the holidays and I am actively going to try and make this the last year where I am dreading it🤞 I am well aware that there will never be enough time in the day or the week…or maybe the year even, but I want to enjoy what little time I do have. I have spent the last 2 weeks falling asleep on the couch at night (which is not typically me) because I am running non stop. In fact; in general just when I think I can’t possibly get any busier…I f*%king do! Listen, I’m a total basic white girl when it comes to Christmas. I wanna do the lights, I wanna make the cookies, I wanna go ice skating by the big tree, I wanna see Santa… “Healthy BOUNDARIES in your life can be life changing”

So, how exactly can I make this happen? Remember, I only get my kids half the time I used to get them. This definitely puts a damper on this whole activities planned vs time available ratio. I promise it wont be the extra hours at the salon and trying to people please my way through December. That brings us to family; God love em’ they mean well for sure but everyone always has their own agenda. Then the kids programs and work parties and before you know it your life is a shit show of what is SUPPOSED to be most wonderful time of the year! Phew! I feel better getting that off my chest! You know what holiday wasn’t stressful? Thanksgiving. I promise you my family wasn’t thrilled. But choosing my need to be relaxed and happy over the guilt that always comes from not making it to everything was amazing. You CANNOT be unhappy laying on a beach in the sunshine of Puerto Rico. Creating a life that meets my needs is a high priority for me. Aside from helping make other women feel beautiful and live happy lives and not feel like they have to do it alone, I want to be able to work remote. I can take time out for my kids, I just plain miss so many nights with them. I want to be so successful that I can take my babies away for Christmas where we can relax and feel the sunshine together….whenever we want. I’m going to be able to have time to Christmas shop and not have to be doing it at midnight 2 days before. Unless of course I wanna do it then, because I mean I’ve had some fun shopping trips at midnight before! Make a plan, say no or if you’re one of those people who actually love the chaos of the season then carry on! Whatever makes you happy…do that. It’s easy for even the most aware to get caught up in all the crap sometimes. Also, I’m not asking you to be a selfish asshole to your family…they love you. I am asking you to make sure that you are putting your happiness somewhere at the top of that list. Learning healthy boundaries in your life can be unreal and the outward ripple affect absolutely life-changing. be merry xoxo Cate

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