• Cate Cable

Getting To the Good, Good

Do you ever have those moments where it suddenly hits you, how perfectly happy and content you are? Please tell me you do. Tell me that you are sometimes driving in your car while the sunshine hits your face…and you take a moment to appreciate right where you are in life.

These moments are precious and shouldn’t be overlooked. When a song brings up a happy memory that forces a smile across your face. When your child comes up to hug you and tell you that they love you without prompt and the deep breath you take in is more of a peaceful old habit than the breath of calming you need in moments of stress.

If you are a personal friend of mine, you have heard me say it time again…you get ONE LIFE and you are meant to live it how you want. Not the rushed and overwhelming life that society deems “normal” that so many have taken on as reality. Your life is meant to be lived happy. Read it again, your life is meant to be lived HAPPY. If you are not finding peace and joy in your every day for the love of God, or Buddha or cheese pizza for all I care…do something about it!

Note there is no judgement on women who want to live life running from the 5th sport to the 6th sport and so on. I’m also not saying you need to get a divorce like I did, I am not and never will be an advocate for that. But what I AM saying is that we are all in control of our own personal happiness. That is something that so many people put in the hands of others and it certainly doesn’t belong there.

I promise you, I am just as guilty as anyone else. I thought for years that once he ‘finished school’ and then it was once ‘we got a place out at the lake’ or he ‘got a better job’ that I would magically be happy 24/7. Ha, I don’t know what kind of crazy juice I was drinking but let me tell ya sister that ain’t how it works! No matter how you slice it, happiness comes from within yourself and everything else in your world is the buttercream icing on top.

I had to learn to be happy on my own. Happy with what I really do have, what I have right now. Happy that I get my kids every other week, happy that Cole and I get along so well, happy that I love my job, that my kids have taken the divorce pretty well and that I have the best friends that any girl in the whole world could have so it doesn’t really matter that everyone doesn’t like me.

Old me would have been focusing on how my life didn’t turn out as planned and that as soon as I can get it to the new planned goal THAT”S when I’ll be happy. I would still be moping around about how my family isn’t as supportive as other families and that having to rely on myself for so many things is so difficult…BLAH BLAH BLAH…cut the crap. I’m sorry here’s the real deal. It can always be worse, and I have absolutely had my share of bad days. So feel how you need to feel, heal how you need to heal then put your big girl panties on and get to work…self work.

You will find what you look for I promise. If you are a glass is half full gal, you’re going to have a lot of sunny days. If you’re always looking for the next shoe to drop…you probably won’t have to wait long! The choice is ultimately yours, choose wisely.

be happy

xo Cate

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