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Anyone else get family pictures taken every year?

Okay, family pics may be the crossover event from my past life into my current and future life. And while family pics may be a lot happier and run a lot smoother than they used to, I admit I am still very much a control freak about our outfits :/

Over the years I have grown to like to have a mix of colors and texture and patterns and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I spend a couple weeks swapping out pieces and overthinking the heck out of it until I feel I’ve got it right.

If I had a few tips to putting together your own outfits it would be to pick one or two favorite piece(s) and then build. Decide on a color scheme and go from there. You can go from grabbing colors from the article of clothing or choosing complimentary colors. I think one of the biggest mistakes I see people making in pictures is thinking that the colors have to be exactly the same. Different shades of the same color is good…in fact it's preferred!

I like to mix textures and patterns together too. A few examples would be a faux fur vest and a flannel, or a flower, stripe and solid. Texture can also be something as simple as ruching on a solid colored dress or a big knit sweater.

I added a couple of pictures from previous years so you can get an idea!

Photo Credit Lindsay King

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