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Keeping Your Life Alive

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

“Sometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong”

We get really stuck in these places…sometimes for years. Sometimes we even pull ourselves out of them, just to find ourselves slipping back in again.

It takes work, it takes courage and strength. Don’t let anyone make you think that it’s easy. The truth is that any average person is one hard day away from being thrown off track at any moment. The key is to just keep convincing yourself to get back up and try again, because while it may not be the easiest option it’s absolutely worth it.

To keep the passion, to remember why you keep trying. To have the force and determination to just keep going even when you’re worried or tired or just plain scared.

This woman, the one who jumped out of an airplane at 18,000 ft is someone who feels so completely foreign to me now and was looked at by others as a little crazy even. But on that day I had never felt more alive. These days we are looked at crazy if we wear more than yoga pants to the grocery store, but listen when I say you have to feed what keeps you feeling alive. Even if it means putting in a little extra work because believe me, we are all having to be a little extra creative right now.

Don’t get lazy with your life just because your world is taking a time out. Life has a way of wearing on people and making you forget your skydiving days…but that person is still there. We aren’t meant to live life all comfortable in pajamas on the couch all day.

Day after day I have women complimenting me on my outfit or hair and then following it up with a 'I wish I could,,,' and it makes me so sad. I promise you, there ain't no WOKE UP LIKE THIS goin' on at my house, this takes time and money and commitment and my first born...just kidding I wouldn't trade her for anything like that...yet, she is a pre-teen lol.

My point is, I dress like this because I want to, because I make it priority to. I want to look nice, and take care of my body and spend money of good products. So it really comes down to where your priorities rest. It's okay wherever that may be but if you are unhappy in an area of your life because you aren't devoting enough time to it, thats entirely on you.

It's your job to keep your life alive. It's up to you to always follow what makes your soul excited and to recognize when you are starting to lose your way. If you can't recognize it in yourself, you need to have someone in your life who can.

xo Cate

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