• Cate Cable

The Overwhelmed Mom

Can I just ask, when did it become standard protocol for our children to have better social lives than us? I'm not saying I don't want my kids to have a great childhood but come on. First it starts with playdates before they can even walk and then as soon as soccer sign up at 3 years old hits, it's all over. If you have girls like I do, creative dance can start as early as 2 and you better bet your ass we signed both of our girls up at that age. There ARE some benefits to these social interactions at a young age don't get me wrong, but at what point is no longer good for the kids when mom is on the verge of mental breakdown and definitely in a shame spiral so piper, polly and payden can get to their activities on time...or at-least mostly on time.

Little does anyone know, she just ate a bag of cheese-its she found in the back of the mini van because she no longer takes a lunch in order to get off work in time to pick them up from school. She never mentions the fact that she has been thinking about a pedicure for months but feels too guilty to get one because it will take up too much time and money that could be used on ANYTHING ELSE in the house except her. She can't remember the last time she had a girls night, but she has taken her kids to 6 birthday parties in the last month.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Listen, if you have found a way to get Johnny to all 5 days of basketball while still maintaining a balance with spouse, work, self care, friends family and genuine happiness than please tell us your secrets! In my experience something somewhere has to give.

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