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Seeking The Approval Of Others

I had a woman tell me today that she wishes she could pull off jeans and heels and that she “loves” a little bit of cheetah print but would never wear it.

I of course responded with, “why not?”

I then proceeded to remind her that she can wear anything she likes (within reason), and that putting in the extra effort to feel good about herself is absolutely worth it. She mentioned heels hurting her feet and I told her about my break in trick that helped me get used to wearing my heels for hours on end.

As I was getting ready to walk away she was excited, she used the word "inspired" and was smiling at the thought of herself wearing something similar to what I was. It makes me happy to inspire others of course, but my ultimate goal is to help women use the tools o not need other approval for such things.

This is all you need to pull off this look.

  1. Skinny Jeans

  2. A cute top (dressier but not too over the top)

  3. Any pair of pumps or wedge heel shoes

Just try it next time you are going out with hubby or your girlfriends for that patio cocktail at the local spot. You can dress it up, dress it's really a pretty versatile look so have fun with it. If you like it and feel good in it, thats really what matters.

My question. Why do we as women feel the need to get validation from other women about what WE want to wear? We all do it, even I get in my little box of comfort and need a little help out once I a while.

I swear that’s what half of my job is…just confirming what you already know. What you already know is right. ‘He leaves me on read all day and then finally gets back to me and then won’t respond again for hours’…Girl, you’re kidding me right? The truth is that she knows the answer, she just doesn’t WANT to know the answer. ‘I can’t stop thinking about applying for this new position, I really want to but don’t know if I should. What do you think?’

Sound familiar? The answer is YES…what's wrong with trying to better your life...ever? Side note; if you can’t stop thinking about something, there’s something there. Women are terrible at following their intuition. Trusting themselves to make the call and not asking for approval or another opinion.

When we do this we are actually shorting ourself from the confidence that we deserve. We are giving the credit to someone else, when you knew what you wanted the whole time.

Decide what you want in life and go for it. If it’s wearing cheetah print heels or having another baby or moving across the country…it’s your life and you’re the only one who actually gets to live it, you should make sure you’re following your own lead.

If you're wondering how Im so good at this? The answer is I absolutely AM NOT!! I am constantly having to remind myself to trust my gut. That I don’t need reassurance and that I am the only one in charge of my happiness. So don’t give up when you revert back to old habits a few (hundred) times…just keep trying. This growth game is constant, ladies and we are in this for the long haul.

xo Cate

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